Tenant tips

Rents reach fastest monthly increase

Rents continue to rise across the country as average residential rates surpassed £800 for the first time in July.  This happened in conjunction with the fastest monthly rise in rents since records started six years ago. The increasingly lopsided supply-demand in the rental market is causing the average rental prices to soar.  The average rent increased across England and Wales was […]

A Licence to Bill - The Impoverished Middle Class.

As much as I understand the benefits and desire to see privately rented property maintained to a standard all tenants can be assured on, the implications of landlord licensing dwell dourly for the middle class with the recovering private rental sector. A selection of county councils are implementing ‘Landlord Licensing Fees’ in order to maintain good property management and to […]

Prepare for Property Dating Sites! (Rate My Tenant)

With private renting becoming ever more costly for landlords, the desire to protect their assets must be at the forefront of any frugal investor and in the words of the philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist George Santayana, ‘Those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it’. Therefore, as with the hospitality market, the emergence of a raft of […]

So it’s Saturday afternoon and you’ve just noticed the most perfect property on the internet. You call the agent to arrange a viewing only to find they are closed for the rest of the weekend. How annoying! You leave a message or send an email request however have to chase them as it’s Monday lunchtime and you haven’t heard from […]

Competition is fierce in the hunt for a buyer and you only get one chance to make a first impression! Making your property more appealing than the next one is very important if a potential buyer chooses your property over your neighbours. Presentation often makes the greatest difference. Potential buyers get a better feeling about a well-presented property as clearly […]