Getting your deposit back

We want to be able to give you 100% of your deposit back.

Please read this to help you hand the property back to us in an acceptable condition.

Make sure the property is well cleaned and the garden neat and tidy.  Take away all of your rubbish and return your vacating form and all keys on the day you vacate.  It is better to report any damage prior to leaving rather than letting us find it.  We aim to return deposits within 7 – 10 days of vacation however dealing with issues will delay this.  Your deposit will be paid directly to your bank account.

To do list…
  • Check the inventory
  • Inform us of any damage
  • Re-direct your post
  • Clean the property
  • Carry out any minor repairs
  • Tidy Garden
  • Remove all your rubbish
  • Final meter readings
  • Return keys and vacating form
Check the Inventory

The inventory is a list of what items come as part of the rental agreement.  You should check through this carefully, making sure that everything listed is there.  If not, either replace it or notify us as you may be charged for items missing.

Inform us of any damage

It is better to let us know of any damage to the property before you vacate, rather than letting us find it.  This will speed up the return of your deposit.

Re-direct your post

Make sure everybody has your new address and telephone numbers so they can contact you.  To save time register with This is a site that contains a large database of utilities suppliers, banks, store cards etc who can notify them of your change of address free of charge.  For a small fee you can also arrange for your post to be redirected and can download an application form from the Royal Mail website,

Clean the property

Cookers need to be cleaned together with microwaves, extractors, fridges and all other appliances.  Freezers need to be defrosted and kitchen cupboards and drawers thoroughly cleaned and cleared.  There are plenty of good household cleaners available to make cleaning less of a chore.  Remember, washing the windows and scrubbing the floors are great ways to raise your heart rate and tone your muscles!

Carry out any minor repairs

Replace cracked window panes and ensure all light bulbs are working. If you would like any help with maintenance or cleaning please contact us for a list of recommended contractors.

Tidy Garden

Please make sure that you leave the garden tidy, with lawns mowed and weeds removed from borders. Bag and dispose of any garden waste at your local household waste site.

Remove all your rubbish

Please remove all your rubbish from the property.  Any waste that needs to be removed will be charged to your deposit.

Final meter readings

Make sure you tell the electricity, gas and telephone company at least 48 hrs before you leave so they can send you a final bill.  Please do not disconnect without first getting permission from us as you may get charged for the re-connection.

Return Keys

Finally please return your keys and vacating form to us here at HomeXperts on your last day.  We advise that you hand in keys directly and don’t post them. Rent will be charged until the keys have been returned.

Download the PDF here