Moving Checklist

Practical planning for moving day

4 weeks before….

  • Complete a change of address form at the Post Office to re-route mail (
  • Inform magazine subscriptions and clubs of your new address and moving date
  • Decide which items you’re keeping and which you can chuck or donate to charity
  • Notify water, gas, and electricity suppliers to have your services switched off at your present address
  • Arrange for utility connections at your new home
  • Contact your new local authority about schools and colleges in your area
  • Notify schools, churches etc of your impending move
  • Notify your own and research alternative doctors, dentists in your area and liaise with your hospital if you’re undergoing any regular treatment
  • Check parking arrangements at your new home and apply for permits if necessary
  • Get to know your new area and work the best routes to work and school.
  • Book removal company or arrange help from friends, van rental etc.

3 weeks before….

  • Request packing materials from your removals company, or buy some if you are doing it yourself
  • Return things you’ve borrowed from friends
  • Start to run down the contents of your freezer
  • Arrange to transfer home insurance, or set up new policies to begin the day you move in.
  • Arrange transit insurance if necessary
  • Research car boot sales to get rid of stuff you’re not taking

2 weeks before….

  • Discontinue regular services such as newspapers, window cleaners etc
  • Arrange to have your satellite dish moved to your new property if necessary
  • Arrange to discontinue your phone service and broadband and have it installed at your new home
  • Arrange to transfer your TV licence to your new home (
  • Complete relevant section on your car registration document and licence and send to the DVLA
  • Call your vehicle insurance to keep your cover valid. The price may change due to the change in your parking circumstances and the postcode

1 week before….

  • Arrange to transfer bank and savings accounts
  • Tell credit and store card companies your new address
  • Finish up your frozen food supply or give it away
  • Pack
  • Find and label keys
  • Send out change of address card, text messages and social media alerts, facebook etc.
  • Notify relevant authorities in your old and new area regarding council tax and electoral registration

1 day before….

  • Defrost and thoroughly clean the fridge and freezer
  • Take down pictures, mirrors, non-esstential curtains and blinds
  • Disconnect your cooker, washing machine and dishwasher
  • Confirm minders for children and pets

Moving Day….

  • Make sure you personally take cash and jewellery with you
  • Lock all windows and doors when you leave

Download the PDF here