When you find the perfect property the question always considered is what offer should be made? There is a general perception that potential buyers are entitled to submit a relatively low offer in the current market regardless of what the asking price is. However as you view properties you will understand which properties are priced too ambitiously and which are […]

Competition is fierce in the hunt for a buyer and you only get one chance to make a first impression! Making your property more appealing than the next one is very important if a potential buyer chooses your property over your neighbours. Presentation often makes the greatest difference. Potential buyers get a better feeling about a well-presented property as clearly […]

New legislation came into effect from 6 April covering energy performance certificates on domestic sales and rental properties. Whether you are a fan of EPC legislation or think it’s a complete waste of time and money, it must be taken seriously as the penalties for non compliance are severe. An agent, house seller or landlord could face a fine of […]

Moving home can be stressful enough, but children add an extra dimension and their needs should also be considered. For an adult, moving house might be logical and exciting, but for children it can be unsettling and confusing. Child psychologists advise telling the children as soon as you can after you have made the decision to move. Being upfront is […]

The way prospective purchasers search for property has undoubtedly changed over the last 10 years. Instead of trawling from one agents office to the other, registering their details and collecting reams of paper, they now simply go on-line where all the information is easily accessible. One major problem this causes is a lack of communication between the person looking for […]

When choosing an estate agent, always try to get three agents round so you can get a balanced opinion on the value your property. Don’t automatically go for the agent with the highest valuation, this is an old trick to try and win your business. Agents that flatter you with a higher price than your property is realistically worth, are […]

A staggering 30%* of property sales don’t make it from agreed sale to completion. This can be very frustrating when you think you are well on the road to moving and then your hopes are dashed. This is particularly annoying when it happens at the last minute! Unfortunately we have a bizarre system in this Country where someone can agree […]

There is a well known phrase in the estate agency world known as “buyers and liars”. This isn’t some derogatory remark against potential purchasers but a phrase that points out that people often don’t know what they are looking for when searching for property. Potential buyers will often buy the exact opposite of what they say they want! They may […]

When you get a viewing on your property it’s important to make the most out of the opportunity. Good estate agents accompany viewings because they understand there is more chance of getting a sale. Of course you can’t make someone buy a property, they will either like it or they won’t however a successful viewing can mean the difference between […]

Who will buy your home? Thinking about selling your house? Are you ready to move on to a new home? The first step to selling your property quickly and painlessly is to think about who might buy your property? Once you have identified a target market, for example: young professionals, families with young children, retirees, etc, you can then try […]