Prepare for Property Dating Sites! (Rate My Tenant)

With private renting becoming ever more costly for landlords, the desire to protect their assets must be at the forefront of any frugal investor and in the words of the philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist George Santayana, ‘Those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it’. Therefore, as with the hospitality market, the emergence of a raft of applications offering on-the-go access to a portfolio on their prospective client’s tenancy history seems to be on countdown. In an advancing technological world, the ability to rate and slate those who have helped or hindered us is an increasingly fervent past-time for people who like to be “in-the-know”. With applications, such as TripAdvisor, allowing consumers to write their own appraisals for the restaurants, hotels or events they have frequented. TripAdvisor have amassed an online database of ‘more than 100 hundred million reviews’, leading to ‘200 million visitors a month planning their trips based on their recommendations’.* Much like the landscape is changing for estate and lettings agents with a shift to more consumer-centric business models offering five-star customer service, so shall the requirement and desire to recruit tenants who provide five-star care for your home. In a very much, “help us to help you” mind-set, this could be the best way to see the people who deserve better finally be recognised for the qualities that money can’t buy. Helping consumers to brand themselves is the best way to highlight how they can get a head-start in a crowded market. *