Evenings & Weekends..

So it’s Saturday afternoon and you’ve just noticed the most perfect property on the internet. You call the agent to arrange a viewing only to find they are closed for the rest of the weekend. How annoying! You leave a message or send an email request however have to chase them as it’s Monday lunchtime and you haven’t heard from them. Unfortunately the earliest time you can view during the week is 6.30pm as you work out of the area. Unfortunately the agent closes at 5.30pm and doesn’t do viewings after that. By the time you get to view the property the next weekend, you are informed that the property has been sold to someone who was able to view it at the agents convenience during the day. Bad luck! Times have changed, no more so than in estate agency and attitudes to customer service. An estate agent should be there at their clients convenience, not theirs. They should be able to react quickly and efficiently and at all times for the benefit of their clients to make sure opportunities are not missed. We live in a World were communication is made easy with mobile phones, mobile email, text messages etc so why should it be difficult to cont We therefore find it incredible that so many agents still operate under such restricted periods centred around the opening times of their office. We know from our own experience that Saturdays, Sundays and evenings are by far the busiest period of the week when people are available and able to view property. We believe it would be a disservice to our clients not to be available to do business at these busy times which also means we are in touch with more potential buyers and tenants. More buyers and tenants means more activity, ultimately leading to faster sales and rentals for our clients. So when the time comes for you to consider selling or letting, let’s have a chat at when it’s best convenient to you..