Choosing the right moving company

So how exciting! You have accepted an offer on your house, you are on the move! Among the many tasks you will need to complete along the way. It is important to think straight away about contacting various removal companies to help you move house and home. If you leave this too late, you probably won’t be able to choose the company of your choice. First, contact three or four removal companies either from your local area or the area you are moving to. To find removal or storage companies look on and ask any friends that have moved who they used and what the experience was like. It is important to speak to removal companies in person. You will be able to ask any questions you may have or advise them of any special requirements. Remember it is your special and treasured belongings that they are going to be moving. You need to have confidence in them. Don’t just choose on price Instead pick a remover that suits your circumstance, your requirements and the one you like. It’s a great stress buster when you have people helping you move that can make you laugh, removal men and women are used to putting a smile on stressed out customers faces. Having chosen your removal company, now is the time to be honest, your quotation will be much more accurate if they know exactly what the removal entails. This also means that they will allocate the right size vehicle and the correct amount of people for the job. If you already know that the wardrobes and beds have to be taken out of the house through the bedroom window or that you have built the furniture in the room, it is important to tell them! Remember they need to bring along tools, ladders, extra men etc. Also remember that the amount of furniture and belongings you write down on to an inventory form will dictate the size of the removal lorry allocated to your move. You wouldn’t want a lorry arriving that is too small!!!! The most common items missed when showing a removal company representative around is outside plants, these actually take up the most room in the removal van as you are unable to stack anything on top of them, so don’t forget to show them and the loft, and the shed and the garage. Getting the removal company right can really reduce the stress on your moving day.