Open Day Package

Showcase your house to the market

One of the most effective methods of creating interest in your property is to conduct an “open house”.

Open house days are a good way of showcasing your property to the market. They create a more relaxed atmosphere and an environment where buyers do not feel pressured, but can take their time to consider a property’s merits.

We also find that prospective buyers who don’t think a property is suitable due to a main road location or suitability of area and therefore will not arrange a normal viewing, will often go and view a house on an open day as they do not feel they are inconveniencing the vendor and have the attitude that there is no harm in looking.

Once a prospective buyer is in your house they will often change their mind about its suitability. As a 3“celebration” of a property, an open house promotes intense buyer activity which often prompts a sale, as everybody wants something that everybody else wants!

HomeXperts Open House Package Includes:

Our package is designed to be hassle free. We fully market the open day, supply signage and sale staff so you can go out for the day and leave us to it.

What’s Included – Promotion of Open House

Advertising your property as a featured “Open House” property in the local press.

Advertising your property as a featured property on Rightmove the week before the Open House day.

Advertising your property as a featured property on HomeXperts website.

Drawing up details advertising the open day and sending out to all prospective buyers in your price range.

Putting up Open House pointers around the

Supplying open day signage to go outside the property on the day.

Conducting the Open House

Our sales representative will man the house on your behalf to show prospective purchasers around

Take details, follow up and give feedback.

For package prices and to arrange your open day please contact your local HomeXperts agent.

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