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Working together to help you move

At HomeXperts we take great pride in the service we provide. Our objectives are always to achieve the best possible price for you, in the shortest possible time, with the least possible inconvenience.

We like to work hand in hand with you to achieve these aims and it is in the following areas where you can really help us to help you:

Quote a realistic rental price from day one, rather than an inflated one that is subsequently reduced. Don’t assume prospective tenants will offer you a lower figure – if the rental price is realistic expect to achieve it.

Ensure we have access to the property at all reasonable times. Holding a key is essential, there is nothing more frustrating than having a keen buyer who is in the area for the day and being unable to show them your house.

Be clear on exactly which fixtures and fittings will be sold with the property, and which will be removed.

Freshen up your property with a lick of paint. However, do paint entire walls, not just covering over the marks, as a quick “touch-up” job will look just that. The front door is particularly important, as first impressions really count.

Freshly cleaned carpets look superb.

If your garden is looking scruffy, a couple of days’ work for a gardener can make a difference and is relatively inexpensive.

Overcrowded rooms appear smaller than they are, so try to remove any unnecessary clutter. Likewise, make sure there are not too many things hanging on the back of doors. This prevents them from opening fully as you walk in, again giving the impression that the room is smaller than it is.

Avoid accompanying us around the house with a prospective tenant. We are well trained in tenant psychology and overcoming objections, and can show the house to maximum effect. It will also look less crowded. Tenants are also more likely to comment freely out of earshot of the vendor.

It is essential to keep all pets and children, however sweet they may be, well out of the way during a viewing.

Any significant defects with the property should be either fully remedied or pointed out to us early on.

Never allow a tenant to return to the property without your agent.

Many a sale has unwittingly been lost by a landlord who simply does not have the training to negotiate the best terms.

There may be some specific aspect of your property, most likely some small detail, that needs particular attention prior to the sale. Our agents are trained in “property staging” and will be happy to advise you during your scheduled Marketing Proposal Meeting.

“HomeXperts and you, working together to get you moving”

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