Why sell your home before Christmas?

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Selling your home before Christmas could help you sell quickly and for the best price.

There are several benefits to selling your property before Christmas rather than waiting until the New Year.

With the pressures of work coming to a close for the festive period, Christmas shopping and getting your home scrubbed up looking like a show house for when family and friends come to visit, the last thing you’re thinking about is putting your property up for sale. Surely isn’t it best to get Christmas out the way and look to get your property onto the market in the New Year? Not necessarily.

From our own experience, October onwards this year was red hot with both mortgage approved and cash buyer Landlords and property investors to first time buyers, all looking to buy before Chistmas and New Year. Due to the general perception that people don’t look to buy property until after Christmas, there were very little properties on the market for sale but plenty of buyers looking to buy and we’ve all heard the common phrase for that scenario, it’s a ‘seller’s markert’ or demand outstripping supply.

Having a mass of buyers chasing after the same few properties ultimately leads to a quicker sale and achieving the best price for your property, but it won’t sell itself, so make sure you have a good estate agent on side working for you.

Chose an agent you can count on and make sure they’re flexible to arrange viewings when it’s convenient for you. A good agent should qualify any potential buyers before arranging any viewings, this ensures they’re conducting viewings to the right buyers and that the property fits the prospective buyer’s specific requirements.

With your home looking spick and span ready for Christmas, it’s a perfect time to take some great photography of your property as well as showing potential buyers around whilst your home is looking its best.

In the last few months leading to Christmas on one property alone, we conducted over 32 viewings, prompted 19 offers and was sold in less than 24hrs while the vendors were out doing their shopping. Did they really need to wait until New Year or spring?

We normally attend a property for no more than 1-2 hours to value the property, take an instruction, measure up and get stuck in with those all important professional photos for the marketing of your home. The rest of the work involved such as preparing property particulars, brochures, floor plans and marketing is undertaken away from the property, so only a small window of maybe 2 hours of your time is needed. Viewings are normally booked into 3 hour slots and conducted when convenient for the vendor until an offer is accepted.

Once an offer is agreed, you’ll be free to sit back and enjoy your Christmas knowing your property has sold and for the best possible price, and can look forward to New Year not having to worry about getting the house back in order again to present your property for sale.

Traditionally, most people wait till spring to sell their property. So, spring arrives and everyone puts their property up for sale, but would you be in the same position than if you were to sell before Christmas? probably not.

There will be many properties up for sale in spring so many more properties to choose from, so where you could have been receiving several offers for or above asking price, you’ll likely be in a position where you may have to negotiate on your asking price, due to competitive property now on the market.

If your neigbour is selling the same property up the street for the same price but has a bigger garden or an extra space on the forecourt to fit a car, it’s likely they’ll sell their home first, as would be better value for money. You may well recieve an offer before your neighbour but be prepared, chances are any potential buyer will use the competitive property up the street to negotiate down your asking price.

Of course, there’s circumstances where you’re simply not able to sell your home until after Christmas, but you can still get a valuation before Christmas and give your instruction to sell after Christmas but more importantly, it’s a perfect opportunity with your home looking its best, to get some great photography to display your home in all its glory, ready for when you do start marketing your property for sale.

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A Merry Christmas & Happy New year to you all from HomeXperts, your local estate & letting agents Sutton & Cheam