Tips on how to present your property to the market! Part 1

Presenting property

How your property is presented to the market whether you are selling or letting is one of the most important factors for both saleability and achieving the highest price for your property. So many still fail to recognise that selling a home is no different from say …selling a car!

If you arranged to look at a car with a view to buy but on arrival, the car was filthy with an overfilled ash tray and half eaten hamburgers and wrappers strewn across the back seats and floor, would you want to take it for a test drive? Even if you did out of politeness, despite the good bodywork and a faultless drive, you would have already made up your mind you were not going to pay the asking price for the car…right? Property is no exception, especially as it’s one of the biggest purchases most of us will make and spend the rest of our lives paying for but present your property right and it can literally make a difference of thousands of pounds.

The first assessment of a property from any prospective buyer or tenant will be made by what we call, kerb appeal, how it looks from the roadside. It’s therefore crucial the front lawn is mowed and the hedges trimmed and all paintwork is in good order to front door, walls and windows. This immediately shows the property is cared for and well maintained and the desire to view the property inside will be greatly increased. When someone views your property, they need to be able to imagine themselves living there with their own furniture and belongings. Everyone wants space and good room sizes so it’s important all rooms are free from clutter to create the feel of space and to use neutral tones so rooms feel light and airy.

So, first step is to declutter. This will be a good time for a clear out and start packing away all those things you don’t use or need as not only will you be taking the first steps to presenting your property to the market, but you will have already started to pack for your new home. If you have an eBay account or a local car boot sale, this can be a great way of getting rid of your unwanted goods and make some cash in the process.

Being surrounded by your favourite model cars, ornaments or children’s school art work decorating the walls and sideboards may feel like home for you, but it most certainly won’t for prospective buyers or tenants, and right now, they are who you need to be thinking about if you want to sell or let your home and for the maximum price. If your children have posters of the Grim Reaper or Peter Andre across the bedroom walls, take them down and pack them away, they just may even forget about them when you move to your new home. Clear all sides and floors of clutter and store all coats and shoes into the cupboard.

A clean home is just as important, as your home will be judged by how clean it is and how it smells which believe it or not, is a major deciding factor when buying or renting a home. Nice clean windows, thoroughly cleaned kitchen and bathroom and hoovered carpets with freshly made beds make great first impressions. Curtains or blinds should be fully drawn back to allow as much light into the room as possible and consider taking down those nets if you have them, even if it’s just for the viewings, it will show off those squeaky clean windows and create a sense of openness and space and allow light to flow from room to room.

Flower Power!! Once you have followed these steps, finish off with some flowers, they’ll bring a feel of tranquillity and nature into the home and are an absolute winner! A couple of flower pots either side of the front door or patio and some table vases wiil set the scene. The best part is.. none of this needn’t cost you a penny, except for the flowers of course but you can take these with you, but follow these steps and it can literally make a difference of thousands of pounds to what to get for your property when selling and help ensure the maximum rent if letting your property..

If your property requires some updating before being offered to the market, then follow me in Part 2 where I will be showing you exactly where and where not to spend your money and how to do this cost effectively on a minimum budget with some valuable DIY tips to help you get started!!

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