Clinching that Autumn Sale

A survey of 90% of the market by Rightmove revealed that property prices fell 2.9% in August, the second consecutive down month this summer & prices fell nearly 6% in the London market.  While prices generally cool off in summer when fewer people feel like moving, the decline was the worst the Rightmove has ever seen.

Although talk of a housing market collapse would appear to be premature, there are arguably signs that property has hit its peak and that there is only one direction for prices now.  So for people thinking of selling their property, this autumn could be a crucial time for achieving that high value sale.

However selling your house can be one of the most stressful times of your life but there are things you can do that might just make selling your home a little bit easier and even help you sell your property more quickly. You may not get a second chance to make a first impression so make sure it counts.  Try to distance yourself emotionally from your home & view it objectively.

  1. Look at your neighbour’s properties, if this causes you concern then there is some work to be done.  Ensure there is no litter near your home, that your front garden is presentable and that the door number is visible
  2. Keep the doorway or hallway clutter free.  Clear away any children’s toys, prams, dog’s leads, dogs, coats, hats and footwear.  Fresh smelling flowers in the hallway creates a positive impression.
  3. Declutter all living rooms paying particular attention to Books, CD’s & DVD’s, ornaments and trinkets, appliances particularly in the kitchen, potted plants and posters & pictures (depending on what they are). If you have a dog, make sure they are not around for viewings and purge the whole house of pet hair.
  4. In the kitchen all surfaces should be clean and clear, machines should not be running and kettles, toasters, ovens and extractor fans should be shiny and working.
  5. Bathrooms must be clutter free and very clean so throw away empty bottles and hide unnecessary amounts of lotions and potions.  If the kids also use the same bathroom then make sure their toys are tidied away.  Try to get the tiles and grout looking as they did originally by bleaching them and ensure that the sink holes are free from hair.
  6. Make bedrooms welcoming, clear away any clothes on the bed, and make sure the carpets are clean.
  7. In general, vacuum the whole house, clean all windows & keep the curtains well drawn back to allow as much light in as possible
  8. Finally, the garden is now seen as an additional room, so be sure to make your garden feel like a great space for entertaining and relaxing.  Mow the lawn, cut back any overhanging and untidy branches, if you have a patio make sure it’s weeded and any furniture is clean.

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