Keeping up with the customers

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The internet is now a crucial part of every estate and letting agent’s marketing effort. However, merely tweeting occasionally or sending a newsletter is not enough to make the most of this new age of technology.

By ensuring that they are visible at across all digital consumer touchpoints, property agents can improve their brand loyalty and awareness as well as exposing themselves to a higher number of relevant leads and opportunities than ever before.  A good estate agents website is the perfect platform for showcasing properties for sale or properties to rent.  It is also the great place to demonstrate expertise by providing property advice such as how to get your house ready for sale, a first time buyer’s guide and information on the Help to Buy Scheme.

Almost 80% of property research is now carried our online, therefore, every estate agent needs to be present where their potential customers are; attracting prospective clients through a comprehensive marketing system that includes website content, social media & search engine optimisation. Whilst juggling a hectic schedule of viewings, instructions and exchanges, it is common for estate and letting agents to neglect their online marketing duties. Consequently, they could be missing out on a whole host of untapped opportunities and potential clients.

At HomeXperts Watford & Rickmansworth we make sure that websites are up to date and contain all of the properties for sale in Watford, Rickmansworth and Croxley Green.  In addition to this we also provide property advice across a variety of property related topics including house prices, property valuations & local area information.  All of this valuable content is available wherever the customer chooses to view it whether that be through the website or social media or aross their smartphone, tablet & Desktop PC.

So if you have a house or flat for sale in the Watford, Rickmansworth or Croxley Green areas please get in touch: or