What fees do you have to pay?

If you are thinking of selling your home, one of the most important factors that you will naturally consider is the estate agents fees that you will need to pay, and rightly so.

Iain and Sharon do not have expensive high street premises.  When over 96% of property searches start on-line, they do not see the need to do so these days.  However, that means that they can pass those savings onto their clients, you.

Keeping Fees simple

When Iain and Sharon sell your property, you will pay them a fee of the final selling price.  Depending on your circumstances you will pay one of the following, it is as simple as that:

Standard 0.8% plus VAT (0.96% Inc VAT)

Over 65’s 0.7% plus VAT (0.84% Inc VAT)

Value for your money

What should an estate agent do for their fee?  Is it to place a property online and then sit back and wait for enquiries to come in? Or should an agent be actively selling a property?

Iain and Sharon think it should be the latter, so that is what they do.

As ‘Hybrid’ agents they do what the online agents do. They also do everything that a traditional high street agent ‘should’ do. The distinctive factor is that they like to show that they do more, and that that they are different.

That means you will receive a different approach, different presentation styles, different communications, and as you have seen a difference in their fees.

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What are you waiting for

So, with HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole, you will get a full estate agent service.  Right from the appraisal through to the marketing, carrying out viewings, managing the sales progression all the way through to completion and beyond if needed.

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