Report maintenance problem

HomeXperts will help to resolve all maintenance problems quickly

If you are aware of any existing or potential maintenance problems within your rented property then HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole will work hard to achieve a simple solution.  They will want this for both you and the landlord.

Make Iain and Sharon aware of any maintenance problems within your tenancy early.  This way they can help resolve all issues in the easiest manner before they become a more complicated and potentially expensive problem.

Be proactive.  It helps to keep the property you are renting in the best possible condition.  This is always helpful for the best possible outcome at the end of a tenancy and the return of your deposit too.

maintenance Want to report a maintenance problem?

Well, you can contact Iain and Sharon when it is convenient to YOU.

Iain & Sharon understand that you have commitments.  This may be work, children, medical appointments etc. They appreciate that speaking during such hours is not often suitable.  That is why they are available to contact at any time to suit you.  That could be early morning, evenings or weekends.  Their commitment is to you and your landlord!

How about when you speak to an agents office and the person you deal with is not there and nobody else can help?  Working as a husband and wife team, both will be fully up to speed on any maintenance issues and developments.  Both have full access to your notes and the property particulars.

This added contact-ability is even more crucial should an emergency situation arise.  You will have the peace of mind that you can communicate as soon as possible to rectify an emergency.

Contact us PersoanllyThe personal touch!

Not everyone finds it easy to communicate over the phone or by email and sometimes it can be difficult to explain a problem in such ways.

Living locally, in Studland, means that if it is needed you could deal with them face to face, Iain and Sharon are not far away.

Full contact details can be found by clicking here