Rent calculator

Rent calculator

When you decide to rent it is often difficult to know exactly where to start, after all there are many things to bear in mind.

First things first though, it is worth checking what you may be able to afford. This will then give you starting point when searching for potential property to view.

The HomeXperts rent calculator gives you an estimation of what you could afford.  It takes into account salary, individually or jointly.

Please be aware that the calculator is designed as a rough guide only.

What rent can you pay

It is important you consider all of the other factors of affordability too because the rent calculator is only a basic tool.  This will include any debts and outgoings you have, which differs from each person.  Many things you will consider will be obvious to take into account.  However, there are certain things that can be easily forgotten, such as:

  • Travel costs, whether that is fuel for your car or the cost of public transport
  • Mobile phone bills, it may be worth looking at your plan to see if there is a more cost effective alternative
  • Club memberships such as a gym, snooker hall etc

It is worthwhile putting a list together of everything you spend money on.  This is a good strategy.  First of all to know exactly where your money goes, furthermore you may see areas where you can save.

Maybe revise your bank statement for the last month and see what you spent and where.  A month is likely to provide a good snapshot for you to work from.

Understand your own income against your outgoings.  This will also help any advisers you may speak with in the course of your rental journey.


If you need any further advice on renting a property please feel free to contact Iain and Sharon at HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole by visiting their Contact Us page.