Working with your agent

Working Together

At HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole, Iain and Sharon pride themselves on the service they offer.  They aim to always work with you to achieve your goals with the least possible inconvenience.

They are there to help you every step of the way when it comes to the process of selling your property.

Working together to help you How can you help?

Iain and Sharon will help you whenever and wherever they can. However, there are certain things that you can do which will not only help them but you too:

  • Make sure you tell Iain and Sharon exactly which fixtures and fittings you will be selling, and which you will be removing.
  • Any significant defects with the property should be either fully remedied or pointed out to Iain and Sharon before marketing.
  • Ensure you can provide access to the property.  Holding a key is essential.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a keen buyer who is able to view but not having access to show them your house.
  • Iain and Sharon advise against accompanying them with a prospective buyer viewing.  They are trained in buyer psychology and overcoming objections, and can show the house to maximum effect.  Buyers are also more likely to comment openly if you are not present.
  • It is important to keep all pets and children out of the way during a viewing.
  • Don’t assume prospective purchasers will offer you a lower figure – if the asking price is realistic expect to achieve it.  Iain and Sharon will provide an honest and upfront appraisal.  This will include a realistic asking price from day one, rather than an inflated one which needs reducing.
  • There may be some specific aspect of your property, most likely some small detail, that needs particular attention prior to sale.  Iain and Sharon are trained in “property staging” and will be happy to advise you during your Marketing Proposal Meeting.  In the meantime why not also check out some of the helpful tips from Iain and Sharon on selling your property.

“HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole and you, working together to get you moving”.


For further information on Working with your agent Download the PDF here