What about the children?

Get the kids involved

What about the children

Your decision to move house is likely to include some logical reasoning, especially when you have children.  It may be that you need a larger property, more outside space, to be closer to a particular school or to family.  This makes sense to adults, but children are more likely to be ruled by their heart and moving home can be a worrying time.  They may have a special connection to their room, or have many friends close by that they will miss.  Whatever your motivation to move may be, chances are a child may view it differently, sometimes negatively.

That is why, Iain and Sharon say to get the children involved in the process from an early stage and make it as much about them as it is about the adults situation.

Focus on the positives of your move and the exciting bits.

Ask them to write down or draw their ideas for their new bedroom, talk with them about what their new school offers, give them an address book so they can collect all their friends details to keep in touch etc.

Iain and Sharon respectfully advise that when a viewing is booked, you take the children (and the dog) for a walk! They are likely to be a distraction to a prospective buyer rather than an advantage.

However, Iain and Sharon also realise it is not always possible to be away on every viewing.  In that event, a child that is excited about their move will be a bonus compared to a child who may be upset as they think potential buyers are there to take their home away.

Below you will find a Children’s Agreement, which we hope will encourage your children to work with you in your move.

Moving house is exciting! Children’s Agreement

I, agree to help our family move house by:

  1. Tidying my bedroom every morning
  2. Making sure my things are not scattered around the house
  3. Making sure bikes and stuff are not lying around the garden
  4. Turning on the lights before people come round
  5. Flushing the loos before people come round
  6. Turning off the radio and TV before people come round
  7. Keeping really quiet when people come round
  8. Being polite to people when they look at the house
  9. Being proud of our house
  10. Generally being good!

Download the PDF here