Valuation of your homeWhat is a valuation all about?

Iain and Sharon do not believe in simply popping round your property and providing you with a pound sign and some figures.  They believe that in order to provide you with a truer picture of the value of your house, more must be done.

Of course, they need to come and see the property in question.  However, rather than simply looking around, they will delve a little deeper.  They will ask the questions that buyers may ask.  By doing so they may come across issues you may have forgotten about or not been aware.  These can then be discussed and advised on.

Iain and Sharon will take the time to produce for you a full report on how they reach their appraisal outcome.  More so, they will explain to you their thought process and research behind what they show you.

You may already have an idea about the value of your property. Or you may have already had it appraised by another agent.  After-all HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole recommend you get three agents for comparison.  Iain and Sharon feel that it is part of their job to qualify what conclusion they come to after their appraisal.  Because of this you will gain a clearer understanding of how they establish a value for your property and also how it compares to others you may have received.

A comprehensive appraisal that takes all factors into account means that your property will be marketed more accurately  Therefore it will be more likely to sell at the asking price.

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