Tips on selling your home

First impressions count

Iain and Sharon know that potential buyers will make a decision on your house within the first few seconds, so the way you present your home is crucial.  Iain and Sharon hope these few tips will give you an idea on what can help make that all important first impression!

Gardens and house exterior

Keep well maintained lawns and weeded borders. Gardens should be clear from garden tools, litter and unsightly bins.  Clean exterior paintwork and tidy up entrances.


You can use the de-cluttering process as a good start to packing for your move.


If fridges and cookers are part of the sale then make sure that they are well cleaned and are working! Anything displayed on the fridge must go, along with any works of art the children have brought home and you have displayed. (put them somewhere safe for your new home).  If kitchen cupboards are old, consider repainting them. Simply by replacing old door knobs and handles you can give your kitchen a relatively inexpensive face lift.


Throw away empty shampoo bottles, and clear window ledges from shower gels, body lotions and deodorants.  If the whole family uses the bathroom, ensure that the children’s toys are out of sight.


Tackle the hall first, putting away all coats, hats and dog leads.  Tidy up boots and shoes, putting them away neatly in a downstairs cupboard or shoe storage unit.  A bunch of lilies or brightly coloured Gerbera’s will look good in the hall and will create a lovely aroma when potential buyers first come into the house.

Light and space

Clean all windows and keep the curtains well drawn back to allow as much light in as possible. If you have blinds in the kitchen pull them up as much as possible, and install spotlights to light dark corners. Up-lighters in the sitting room are a good idea and will bounce light off the ceiling, as are high wattage light bulbs in the hall and bathroom.

Remove any unnecessary furniture.  A laundry basket behind the bathroom door for example, is not a good idea, the route around your property should be free from any obstruction!

Sell that house!

It goes without saying that your house should be spotlessly clean whilst it’s on the market.  However, if the thought of housework distresses you, then there are cleaning agencies who will work miracles in a couple of hours.

Tips to the next step

Start as you mean to go on

Before you even instruct an agent it is worth considering these few tips as it will also help your agent to market your property more effectively right from the start.  You can then focus on the next step in your selling journey.

For more helpful tips why not contact Iain and Sharon.

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