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Do you have a property on the market but frustrated by the lack of activity?

It is important that your property does not go stale on the market and if your property has been on the market for a while, it might be the right time to switch your agent.

Why do properties go stale on the market?

A big priority for most agents is to have as many properties for sale as possible. The ‘more the merrier’ approach.  But this means the more properties an agent has, the less time they have to focus on each one.  Add to the mix that most agents have restricted working hours, that time lessens even more.

Switch to HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole and they will take the time to focus on every property and its owners.  Iain and Sharon, have set up their business in order to provide the time and effort you deserve.  They do not have the ‘more the merrier’ approach, they are about quality rather than quantity. Plus, as they do not restrict themselves to office hours, they are able to dedicate that extra time needed to reach your property goal.

Honesty is the best policy!

You can expect an upfront and honest relationship from Iain and Sharon.  Not only will they focus on the positive features your property has, they will also not shy away from what buyers may deem negative features.  They will address any points of concern with you first, before marketing. Then when your property is marketed it will be done so with all factors having been taken into account, whether you decide to resolve any issues or not.

This means that when someone requests to view your property, they are in possession of all the details needed. Therefore they are more likely to make that all important offer you want.  But not only are they more likely to make an offer, because of the honest appraisal and information given, they are more likely to be offering closer to your asking price. This is because the asking price will be a realistic one to start with.

 Activity, activity and more activity!

Iain and Sharon will review your property and its marketing plan regularly, so they can see what works best.  They can then do more of that.  Some agents just put your property on the portals and wait for buyers to call.  Iain and Sharon will be proactive, marketing your property in many other places and also targeting the marketing to the right type of buyer.  They will not just sit back and wait.


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Being stuck on the market is very frustrating, particularly when the lack of a buyer is stopping you moving. We are experts in selling properties that have not sold with other agents.

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