Open Day Package

Open day, open door Open your door to the market

An “open house” can be one of the most effective methods of creating interest in your property.

It does this by creating a less pressured mood to house viewing.  It also gives viewers more time to contemplate the different qualities your property has to offer.

A prospective buyer may view an aspect of a property as a negative and therefore rule out an organised appointed viewing. For example this may be the location of a main road, or the decor of the house. An open house provides such buyers with the opportunity to view the property with the approach that there is no harm in looking, and that they will not be giving false hope by booking a full blown appointment.

Often by showing a house in such a way, it can demonstrate to a buyer that what they thought was a negative, may in fact be something they would be happy to compromise on.  Consequently they may even change their mind all together. An open house also generates activity between buyers, which results in offers.  After all, everybody wants something that everybody else wants!

HomeXperts Open House Package Includes:

The package is designed to be hassle free. Iain and Sharon will fully market the open day in many different ways and places, supply signage and be there on the day. That means you can continue with your life and not be interrupted by the day.

Conducting the Open House

  • Iain and Sharon will be present at the house on your behalf to show prospective purchasers around
  • They will  take details and circumstances of interested parties
  • Any issues raised will be duly noted and discussed with you
  • Feedback and follow ups will be carried out promptly
For further information look at the open-day-package download.
For package prices and to arrange your open day please contact HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole.