Presentation with a difference!

Stand out from the crowd

Iain and Sharon team up there skills to present your property in the best possible way they can.

State of the art presentation  Powerful Presentation

Pictures offer a great way of getting a snapshot of what a property is like, if they are of course done well.  Iain and Sharon will advise you on how to make a picture all that bit better.  They will also take the time to help prepare your property as best as they can in order to get the best shots.

However, no matter how good a photo is, it is never as good as actually being there, right?

This is where Iain steps in.  He creates a virtual walk through tour of the property.  It is not just a slideshow of the pictures, or a video from a mobile phone or go-pro.  Iain uses state of the art technology that HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole has invested in.  The results are exceptional.  You are transported to the property and it feels as though you are actually there, wow!

What others say about the presentation

“This level of presentation is definitely the way forward with property sales. These guys are way ahead of the game, I love it!”

“I saw the marketing material online but what really got my attention was their media tour, it was awesome!”


 Presentation descriptions Creative Descriptions

People buy property for many different reasons. That process is likely to involve both the head and the heart at some point.  In most cases you do not just buy a house based on its dimensions and footprint.  You buy on what the property can offer for your needs at the time.

Therefore, with that in mind Sharon writes descriptions somewhat differently.  Of course, she will provide the room measurements and the basic details needed.  However, she will also give you details about the rooms, possible uses, an idea of how the room fits into the property and feels within it.

Sharon’s descriptions are designed to get your imagination going.  Because she wants to add to your experience of viewing and understanding the potential of a property.  If you can better appreciate the benefits and capabilities that a property has to offer, then you will be able to picture what it can offer for your own set of circumstances.

What others say about the descriptions

“What drew me to this property was how the description was written. I think most estate agents just have a template. For measurements, radiators, sockets, that kind of stuff and they just drop each new property into the template. What Sharon at HomeXperts does is totally different, she writes the description in such a way that I could actually picture my furniture in the property and me living there.”  

“I love how you describe the rooms, it makes it feel like you are actually walking through them.” 


In conclusion

First of all it is vital to grab that initial interest.  Furthermore, it is then vital to keep the interest and turn it into a viewing, an offer and a sale. Consequently, Iain and Sharon go that extra mile and take that extra time to make sure your property has particulars that will capture the interest from those all important potential buyers.

For examples of properties marketed this way click here or call now to speak to Iain and Sharon about how they can help you.