The eviction process


the law explained

Perhaps the most common complaint that a landlord has is about the time it takes to evict a tenant.

Iain and Sharon need you to understand that they will do everything in their power to ensure a successful tenancy.  However, things can go wrong and they think it is important for you as a landlord to have the law and eviction process explained upfront.

They want you to have as much information to support you.  They don’t want to hide the fact that things may not always turn out how you plan.  Instead they feel it is important to share with you what to expect should the worst happen.

Evictions Explained Report

The report will explain the reasons why it takes the time it does, the things that can go wrong, the things that drag out a possession claim even longer and also how to avoid those pitfalls.

  • The Eviction Process Explained
  • Why does it take so long to evict a tenant?
  • The Courts
  • The law on eviction
  • Claims, counterclaims and paperwork
  • Getting it done
  • What is the eviction procedure then?
  • Serving a notice
  • Applying to court
  • The court hearing
  • Apply for a warrant
  • Round up


If you understand what the process is and how it works, should the need arise to evict a tenant at least you will be prepared.  It can be a hard and trying process, but by proving the background knowledge to start with, Iain and Sharon hope that you will be less apprehensive if such an event occurs.  They also want you to know that they will be there to support and advise whenever you may need it.

Why not read the report in full to get a better and more comprehenvise understanding of tenancy law and evictions

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