Rental guarantee

Peace of mind… for Landlords

Rent Guarantee & Legal Protection

guarantee your rent

Your rental income is vital to you.  Whether you have a large portfolio of properties, or have just a single investment, failed rent payment is a serious and common issue for many landlords. Whilst stringent referencing is carried out on any tenant, it is not possible to legislate for tenants who lose their jobs or fall on hard times. Having appropriate guarantee protection is therefore worth considering.

Help you evict non-paying tenants while the cover also protects your rental income

The policy will help you evict non-paying tenants while the cover also protects your rental income. You will even be paid up to 50% of the rent for 3 months between the successful eviction and finding new tenants.

The protection offered will be appropriate to your circumstances, whether you prefer to work on 6 or 12 month policies. It will help protect you in the event of legal action, property damage, squatters, rent arrears etc.

Expect the unexpected

Nobody plans to fall behind on their rent, to lose their job or simply go through tough times.  But we know that life sometimes throws difficulties at everyone.  By thinking of the ‘what if’s’ you can make life easier should the worse happen.

Respecting each other

As a successful tenancy depends on everyone working as a team, Iain and Sharon communicate with landlords and tenants on a human level.  By asking for an open and honest relationship, should the circumstance of either change, for the good or the bad, the want to be able to be there to help.  If a tenant is having difficulty, they should be able to speak with the agent who may actually be able to offer advice, provide contacts who can help, and of course discuss with the landlord how to help rectify a situation to benefit all parties.


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