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help with a problem


Trying to prevent a problem arising in the first place is always the best course of action.  Sometimes small issues can get blown out of proportion and then escalate quickly.  Iain and Sharon treat landlords with respect, but they also respect the tenants, which is not always the case.  They strongly believe that if agent, landlord and tenant all work together and communicate, then problems are less likely to occur.

However, because we all know that things can go wrong, dealing with issues in an effective and timely fashion will prevent problems becoming a nightmare.

Honesty between all parties involved in a tenancy is crucial in making it work.  Landlords need to be upfront about maintenance or property problems they may be aware of.  Tenants need to be honest about damage or financial worries.

More often than not, if a problem is brought up at the time, it can be dealt with and resolved.  If a problem is ignored it will only rear its ugly head again later, and it would have worsened over time.

Did you know?

Only 10% of agents are qualified in what they do.  A shocking figure when you think of all the regulation and compliance that is required to operate in this industry. That is why it was so important to Iain and Sharon to achieve their qualifications right from the start.

Dealing with a tenancy that has gone wrong can be a real nightmare. Tenancy law is a legal minefield and if you get it wrong the law can fall down heavily on you as the Landlord rather than the tenant who is in the wrong. Getting the right advice can be very expensive however at HomeXperts we will give you FREE expert advice on the best course of action to take and what your legal rights are so you don’t land yourself in hot water.

Iain and Sharon understand that despite everyone’s best efforts, on occasions problems do get out of hand and that there is no option but to look to the law to help resolve them.

Because of this understanding, HomeXperts offer a full range of landlord services including:

Issuing Section 8 & Section 21 legal notices
Rent debt management
Tenant evictions
Debt recovery
Tracing services