developers bricks & mortar

Bricks and mortar have historically been a safe investment over the long term. Using knowledge of the local housing market, HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole assess each investment opportunity individually.  This is to ensure they provide developers with accurate and realistic advice.

Local knowledge

Iain and Sharon’s local knowledge will help developers.  Whether starting out, growing the number of properties or with a portfolio that has already matured.  They will give you honest and realistic advice on which properties would be right for you to invest in. Whether it be a single dwelling professional let, a multiple occupation (HMO) property, student accommodation or buying off plan.  They can identify properties which are being sold below their market value, in order to maximise the return you can make on your investment.

Helping you to achieve your dreams

HomeXperts Purbeck and Poole know how important developers are to furthering the local housing market.  That is why Iain and Sharon will work tirelessly to help you to achieve your goals.  We are experts in the local market and have a wealth of experience in helping people in different situations to help them to realise their dreams.

Call for further advice

For further information, or to discuss your portfolio, call Iain & Sharon on 01929 450358.