Looking for a project, big or small?

  Are you the kind of person who likes to undertake a property project? Do you like to have the feeling of achievement when you have made something better?  Do you like adding value to a property? Assess All renovation projects start, of course, by finding the right property that has potential to make your own individual mark on a […]


Following on from last week’s blog about price reductions, we have good news! One of the properties that reduced had major interest in it and the vendor has now accepted an offer.   The next step Our job now is to keep in touch and up to date with the conveyancing process. We endeavour to assist in order to reach […]

Price Reductions

What do you think if you see a property with a reduced price? Far too often people assume that there must be something wrong with the property! That is a very negative way of responding. The likelihood is something much less sinister. You should always be open minded when dealing with property. There are many potential reasons for a property […]

The Lender Most people will need to borrow money to purchase a property. It is helpful to know in advance of your property search how much you can afford. For independent advice it is useful to go to an Independent financial adviser who can look at what is available from all the lenders. Prior to putting an offer in on […]

Property Fitness Check

After all the excitement of January and News Year’s resolutions we are now looking forward to one of the busiest selling periods of the year. If you are considering selling your property now is a great time to conduct a property fitness check. Making sure your home is in perfect shape is essential for a quick and easy sale. Property […]

A picture paints 1,000 words but one minute of video is worth approximately 1.8 million words! (According to research by Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research). Taking this further, apparently 1.8 million words = 3,600 web pages = 150 days of writing to achieve the impact of a one-minute video. In short the use of visual technology increases visitor engagement, […]

Some home-buyers now rank a fast broadband connection above off-street parking and local amenities.  Also a high speed can add to a property’s value. Broadband speed is important to all. Whether someone is buying a property to live in or to rent out as tenants also see this service as increasingly important. In fact, broadband is now considered the fourth […]

Many businesses will attend networking events.  Networking is a great way to meet people and to let them know what you do and how you do it.  For us as a new business it has been a fantastic chance to get ourselves known. Last night was the first meeting of 2018 for our networking group, let us share with you […]

New Years Resolutions...

We are just over half way through January 2018.  Did you make a New Year’s resolution?  Have you kept it? Today, resolving to change and improve yourself and your life is an almost unavoidable part of the transition to a new year. Though it’s a pretty well documented fact that most New Year’s resolutions fail. However, here at HomeXperts Purbeck […]

Hand Delivered...

Importantly we advertise on both Rightmove AND Zoopla.  We also promote properties across the wider media.  However, it could be easy to overlook the possibility of interest arising from a connection on our very own doorstep. As an example, for one particular property we have made the effort to write a personal letter to all the residents within the same […]