Following on from last week’s blog about price reductions, we have good news! One of the properties that reduced had major interest in it and the vendor has now accepted an offer.

The next step

Our job now is to keep in touch and up to date with the conveyancing process. We endeavour to assist in order to reach a swift exchange and completion for both parties.

It is our job to ensure that we have all contact details from both solicitors. Right from the start we set expectations. We explain that we will need weekly updates from them. It is important that we know exactly who to get those updates from and how we can get them. Sometimes it may be an assistant or secretary that we need to deal with for this.

We want an update even if nothing has happened. If nothing has happened there may be something we can do to help make it happen.


The Result

Some circumstances need a price reduction, such as in the example of this one sold. The result is that our vendor can move on to the next step in their property journey in the timescale they needed.

Selling property is about achieving the best result. That may be the best price, it may be a quick sale, or something else. We listen to what our vendors want and take on board how they feel. Because of that we can then advise and act in their best interest. We treat our vendors and their circumstances individually and treat them with respect.

Our job is to get a result for you.




So, if you are looking to sell a property why not get in contact.

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Written by Sharon Westman