Property Fitness Check

After all the excitement of January and News Year’s resolutions we are now looking forward to one of the busiest selling periods of the year.

If you are considering selling your property now is a great time to conduct a property fitness check.

Making sure your home is in perfect shape is essential for a quick and easy sale.

Property Exterior – Structural safety

Foundation – If the foundation is cracked or wet or the structure is leaning badly, foundation damage may have occurred. Check it out.

Roof – The roof should be in good repair, with flashing intact and no missing shingles.

Decking – Inspect for sign of rot or insect damage. Flooring should be even and properly nailed or screwed down.

Property Exterior – Maintenance

Trees – All limbs should be trimmed away from power lines and away from structures.

Doors and windows – These should be watertight and broken glass should be replaced.

Property Exterior – Appearance

Lawn – If the lawn is unkempt or in poor condition, a lawn care service may be useful to get it back in shape.

Paint – If buildings show signs of severe weathering, a new coat of paint may be in order.

Fencing – This should be intact and posts should be in firm footing.

Property Interior – Structural

Ceiling – Any sagging sections should be checked out immediately. Water spots are a sign that integrity has been compromised.

Floors – Places that give way when you step on them may need looking into.

Doorways – Sticking doors may indicate a foundation shift that should be looked into. Load-bearing walls should not be creaked or buckled.

Insulation – Ensure that there is sufficient insulation to prevent undue energy loss.

Property Interior – Maintenance 

Plumbing- Have a plumber do a quick check of all pipes to ensure they are up to code and that there are no leaks. Check water pressure and hot water heater.

Electrical – Watch out for outlets with signs of scorching. Locate the breaker box and determine which breakers control which rooms.

Floors & Carpets – These should be in good condition.

Windows & Blinds – These should be in working condition.

Fireplaces – Call a chimney sweep if needed to clean the flue and ensure your fireplace is safe to use.

Property Interior – Appearance 

Walls – Consider having house-painters spruce up walls in rooms that show signs of dinginess or stains.

Cabinets/counters – Rotted or outdated fixtures could be replaced. Cabinet doors can be sanded and repainted or stained.

Doors -Any peeling paint indicates a need to sand and repaint doors. Check doorknobs and replace if needed. Remember to check for deadbolts on the exterior doors.


We would be delighted to conduct a property appraisal for you and are willing to talk though a property fitness check with you if so required.  Please bear in mind some concerns may require professional services.  We can often provide contacts for such services if needed.



Blog by Sharon Westman