Networking – Benefits to all


Many businesses will attend networking events.  Networking is a great way to meet people and to let them know what you do and how you do it.  For us as a new business it has been a fantastic chance to get ourselves known.

Last night was the first meeting of 2018 for our networking group, let us share with you what it is all about.


We are lucky enough to help run and manage the Purbeck Business and Community Group.  This gives us the opportunity to learn from other organisations in the area what is happening and what plans there are for the future.  As the name suggest this group is not just about businesses but also the community and other such societies including charities and festivals.  This group allows us to meet with all corners of the area we sell AND live in.  The PBCG is not simply about ‘business networking’ it is much more than that.

Benefit to sellers

When we are selling a property, it is vital to expose that property to as many different avenues as possible.  Being involved in a network group provides a foundation of contacts for us to be able to share information with.  For us this means sharing details of properties we sell.

Of course, most of the members will live in the area already, so why is it a benefit?  It is all about who those members know and in turn who they know and who they know and so on……

Benefit to buyers

Quite often when people are looking to move they want to know what the area is like and what there is going on.

Any estate agent should be familiar with the area they are selling in so that they can be a source of information for buyers.

Our networking gives us first hand knowledge of what is going on and how the area may develop in the future.


Consequently, being part of a network group has also meant that we have made some great friends.  From a personal point of view this has been wonderful.  From a business perspective it means that when our network colleagues refer us to others, they are doing so because they know us in person.  Iain and I are proud to say that we are people-people, not just a business that sells properties.  It means so much to us that people feel they can refer their friends and family to us based on who we are as well as what we do.

Thank you

We like to say thank you to the people who kindly refer us to others.  That is why we operate a referral scheme in order for us to give back.



Blog written by Sharon Westman