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Importantly we advertise on both Rightmove AND Zoopla.  We also promote properties across the wider media.  However, it could be easy to overlook the possibility of interest arising from a connection on our very own doorstep.

As an example, for one particular property we have made the effort to write a personal letter to all the residents within the same village. We also made sure that the letter was hand delivered.

We understand

Living in the area we sell in ourselves, we fully appreciate the benefits and beauty that the area offers.  We know first-hand just how special it is, after all we chose to move here.

Of course, residents already in the village may not be looking for another property themselves but it is all about who they may know. They may have friends or another family member who may wish to move into the same village.  We know that people have often been waiting for an opportunity to move to Studland.  Or for this particular example the guests of B&B’s and hotels may wish to reside somewhere they have fallen in love with on a trip.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to say that by reaching out to the immediate community, we found a suitable buyer who already appreciates the same advantages of Studland as we do and as our vendor does.


So, we have reached out to the community to help us help one of their neighbours in the search for the perfect buyer.

We also hope that such an action will show the community the different efforts we will go to in order to help our vendors as much as possible by thinking outside the box.

Don’t forget 

If anyone takes the time and effort to refer a friend or family member, we want them to know that we appreciate it.

When a referral leads to a conclusion of business you will receive £100, or you may prefer for a good cause to benefit from the £100 thank you. Click here for more details.


Who do you know?

Maybe you know someone who may be interested in the property in the example? Check out the property to see it fully:

Hand delivered property




Blog Written by Sharon Westman