Questions to ask your prospective Estate Agent…

1. Fees
Make sure you are clear on any upfront fees, additional commission payment on completion, cancellation fees and anything else that may not be obvious. It is also worth asking if the agent intends to offer any prospective buyers any service which would result in a commission payment.

2. Marketing Strategy
Ask lots of questions about their intended approach to the marketing of your property. You should be satisfied that they will be proactive, innovative and creative in their marketing. Things you should expect are:
-Professional photography- including drones, twilight and lifestlye photographs
-Professional copy writing of your brochure
-Bespoke brochure design
-Targeting buyers who are likely to buy your house

3. What is their approach to managing potential buyers?
You want to know that:
-Enquiries will be handled quickly and 7 days a week (buyers are very active at the weekend)
-The staff who are likely to deal with buyers know your property and can answer any questions that come up
-They will conduct all viewings

4. What is their sales progression service like?
Your agent should be able to tell you how often they will ‘check in’ with all parties in the sale (at least once per week). You need to feel confident that you will be able to reach them when you need them and the same goes for your buyer and solicitor.

For more information on choosing an agent or what to expect, feel free to give me a call