Questions to Ask When Viewing a Property

Questions to Ask When Viewing a House

I often meet buyers who are overwhelmed at the prospect of buying a house.  Even experienced home owners can forget what’s important on a first viewing.  I have collated a list of fairly standard questions that I always get asked, as well as some others that I very rarely hear, but would be very useful in making a decision about whether or not to make an offer.  I hope this helpful and feel free to add any additional questions in the comment box…

  1. How long has it been on the market?
  2. Have there been any offers yet?
  3. How much interest has there been and what kind of feedback have you had so far?
  4. Is there any negotiation in the price?
  5. What direction does the property face?
  6. Why are the current owners moving?
  7. Is there a chain?
  8. Any major works/ maintenance completed recently? Never asked unless something obvious
  9. How long have the current owners lived there?
  10. Are there any hidden issues with the area? Or plans in development- major roadworks/ developments etc
  11. Whats included with the sale?
  12. How much are the utility bills and council tax?
  13. What are the neighbours like?
  14. What kind of properties are nearby?
  15. Can I try the taps? (ensures there is hot water in all bathrooms and highlights any obvious issues if it takes a while for water to appear)
  16. Is there room for negotiation?
  17. What’s the boundary of the property and are there any issues/ disputes with this?
  18. Any floods or burglaries nearby?