Has Your Agent ‘Got Your Back’?

I had a really interesting conversation today with a lovely lady I met through business networking.  She asked me what I had been up to so I told her what I thought was an amusing story of the various calamities of the week.  Her reaction was unexpected…she couldn’t believe the lengths I had gone to for my clients and was really impressed with the level of personal service I offered.

The conversation developed and I realised that what I actually do for my clients goes largely unnoticed by them and isn’t something I actively market or talk about.  My job is to make the process of selling their house as stress free as possible, so I tend not to tell them every detail of the things I have done to protect their sale (ie 50 mile round trip to hand deliver documents before a solicitor goes on leave or covering the cost of a night in a hotel to prevent a chain collapsing as completion day doesn’t quite suit).

I also try and be as helpful as possible in the process, in areas that might only be marginally related to selling their house.  These are things that I know might have an impact on the sale or their overall experience of the process, but they don’t necessarily realise (ie ensuring the cat is taken care of on moving day, walking the dog before he goes into kennels during the ‘big move’ or connecting them with contacts to help them find a job in their new town).  These are things that I know would be important to me and I can foresee these tasks as I deal with moving house every week- but my clients might forget and then panic.  I don’t want that.  I want my clients to feel like I ‘have their back’ and I am looking out for their best interests.  I don’t want them to feel like they are merely a transaction.  I want them to feel as though I made a difference and helped make their exciting move easier.

I hope that everyone gets this feeling when they move, but I suspect not!