Things to Avoid When Selling Your Property

If you are planning to sell your house in the near future, chances are you have done some research into adding value.  Its always a good idea to present your property in the best possible way, to stand out from the crowd and ensure you are a strong contender in a competitive market.  However, take care to consider the following….

  1. Outgrowing your street

If houses in your street cost £250,000, don’t build an enormous extension and ask £400,000. People looking for a £400,000 house won’t want to live in a £250,000 street.

  1. DIY bodging

If you make a very visible mess or bodge-up, it raises all sorts of questions in the buyer’s mind about all the more crucial bodge-ups they can’t see, for example, electrics and plumbing.

  1. Replacing all the furniture/ repainting

There is no need. It may look nice, but will it add a penny of value to your house? No, it won’t.  If the décor is in dire need of updating, this is worth considering.

  1. Too many bedrooms

There’s a substantial difference in price between a two-, three- and four-bedroomed house. After five, though, there’s hardly any.  Be careful not to squeeze extra rooms in thinking this will attract buyers.  It won’t.


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Claire Forkes