Making a House a Home

I love property and I find it fascinating to see the innovative ways people create atmosphere or space in their property.  There are countless websites, magazines and television shows dedicated to home improvement.  All of this is great, but what is it that turns a great property into a great home?  A house has a basic structure, with walls and ceilings.  A home has soul, character and reflects its owners and occupants.  How do they do that??

Flooring:  I found some great tips at  to get you thinking about types of flooring and shades to go for.  Thinking about these can help create a certain mood and add space and light to the room.

Art:  Gabrielle Savoie writes about choosing art for the home .  Useful information for those of us who are not experts but appreciate beautiful things.

Signature scent:  Scents evoke strong memories for most people so it makes sense that the smell of your home will create an atmosphere.  Finding the right atmosphere is obviously down to personal preference but check out this blog to find out more about choosing a signature scent

Memories:  Photos/ knick-knacks and memorabilia all demonstrate the character of the person who lives in a house.  Having strategically placed items dotted around your home can enhance the warmth of a property by reminding people of the character of the person who lives there.

Lighting:  Getting the right glow can really enhance the appeal of a property.  I always recommend adding lamps and switch these on during viewings.  For more tips on lighting see

For more information about creating atmosphere or to discuss how you can make your home more appealing to buyers, give me a call.