Why use HomeXperts to let your property?

If you are a property investor in Hitchin and the surrounding areas, HomeXperts Hitchin are specialists in the letting and management of residential property.  We will protect your investment with skill and the same conscientious attitude whether you have a single property or a rental portfolio within the Hitchin area.

We advertise on all the main property portals to ensure your investment does not remain empty for lengthy periods whilst at the same time minimising the costs involved in managing the property.

Best areas in Hitchin for investors currently are are new developments of commuter flats off Walsworth Road and Winbush Road.  These two bed flats range between £170k and £200k with an expected yield of around 6 percent.  Also popular with investors are one bed flats in the same area and the monthly rent is between £140k and £155k with a similar yield.

As a landlord the key to making the most of your investment is ensuring high occupancy rates, Homexperts Hitchin appreciate the fact that landlords work to tight profit margins and as such we keep pricing structures at a realistic level.

We offer Hitchin landlords a range of property management services. Our unique levels of customer service extend to conducting out of hours viewings and as a landlord you will have access to a dedicated property manager, acting as a single point of contact for all your needs.

If you are looking for investment properties in Hitchin or surrounding areas, we will search for the perfect investment property for you choosing from all Hitchin estate agents properties.

Experts in Letting


We are experts in letting and management

We specialise in the letting and management of residential property in the Hitchin area. We are highly trained and have an extensive knowledge of tenancy law. We will ensure the letting of your property is trouble free to give you total peace of mind.

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Amazing Presentation


Presentation of your property will be superb

Quality presentation of your property whether small or large is critical to a successful sale. We will provide quality photographs, draw a floor plan and a well written description. We will advertise your property extensively to attract maximum attention and generate more enquiries.

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Open Longer


Longer opening hours for viewings

Longer opening hours maximises viewing opportunities for your property which means more chance of a sale. In fact the majority of our viewings are carried out in the evenings and at weekends when our customers are available.

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Quick Payments

We won't keep hold of your money

We get your money to you quickly. We pay our landlords as soon as the payment from the tenant has cleared meaning our landlords usually get paid within 7 days of being received from the tenant.

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Better Tenants

Finding a tenant is easy, but finding the right tenant takes experience.

A successful tenancy starts with the right tenant. We fully reference all our tenants and make sure they will meet their obligations and look after your property well and pay the rent on time, every time.

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Regular Inspections

Keeping a close eye on your property

We have good communication with our tenants and complete regular inspections of your property. Any potential problems will be identified and dealt with early to avoid bigger issues later on.

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